WILHELM HAGELGANS (6 March 1830-11 March 1873) married SOPHIA TROELL

HAGELGANS MYERS (1834-1910). She was a sister of HENRY TROELL, CONRAD TROELL



Sophia Elisabeth Troell, twin to Johannes Friedrich, was born on April 16, 1834 in

Wichmannshausen, Hessen, Germany. Sophia and Johannes were the first children of

Conrad Troell and Gertruth Meister. Johannes died at the age of twenty. Sophia

Elisabeth Troell married Wilhelm HAGELGANS on September 22, 1861 in Wichmannshausen,

Hessen, Germany. He was a son of Christian HAGELGANS and Anna SCHIFLER HAGELGANS,

born March 6, 1830 in Wichmannshausen, Hessen, Germany.


Wilhelm and Sophia had six children:


(1) baby boy born May 19, 1862, died two days later on May 21, 1862.


(2) Conrad Friedrich, born July 25, 1863; died at age 8 months on April 10, 1864.


(3) ANNE CATHARINA, born Feb. 15, 1865; married Joseph Schoelzel; died May 19,



(4) JACOB, born Feb.8, 1867; married Katie Reitzer; died Aug 26, 1932.


(5) George Johannes, born Sep 24, 1869; died at 2 weeks on Oct 10, 1869.


(6) PETER, born Oct 29, 1872; married Rosalia Leitner; died Jan 22, 1929,


A month before her thirty-ninth birthday, Sophia was widowed. Wilhelm, at the age of

forty-three, died on March 11, 1873. Sophie was left with three young children: eight

year old Anne Catharina, six year old Jacob, and four month old Peter.


Sophia's younger brother, Henry, had immigrated several years earlier to America,

becoming very successful. One of his dreams was to have his family come from Germany.

He had a brother and three sisters there. In time he was able to send passage money

to his brother, Conrad, and his wife and children; and to his sister, Sophia, and her

three children, and to his sister Anna's family, although Anna died in Germany in 1881.

They arrived in the United States at the Port of Baltimore, Maryland from the Port of

Bremen, Germany in the 1880's, coming at different times and on different ships,

and traveled down to Seguin, Texas, where they settled, welcomed by Henry Troell.


Sophie met Ephriam MYERS, and they were married on April 15, 1886 in Seguin. Sophia

was fifty-two, and Ephriam was sixty-four. He was a carpenter, born in April 1822 in

either Tennessee (according to the 1880 Census) or North Carolina (according to the

1900 Census).


The 1880 Census was taken six years before Ephriam's marriage to Sophia. At that time,

Ephriam was living in Hunt County, Texas with his wife Elizabeth A. and their six

children. They had four older daughters: Savannah, 14 years; Sophinia, 13 years;

Sophroni, 10 years; Ophe, 7 years; a son, Arron A., 2 years; and a five month old baby

daughter, Maude, born in January 1880. The four older girls were all attending school.

Ephriam's wife, Elizabeth, was recorded as being born in Missouri, with her father

born in South Carolina and her mother in Tennessee. The Hunt County Courthouse

has records for the marriages of the Myers children. The two oldest daughters were

both married before Ephriam married Sophie: Savannah Myers to G. B. SAMPLES on 7 Nov

1883, and Sophinia Myers to G. W. DURHAM on 10 Jul 1884. Ophe Myers married T. P.

TAYLOR on 6 Dec 1888; A. A. Myers married Mattie STANFORD on 18 Jul 1897. And,

there are records of Maud Myers marrying J. F. Dickison on 30 Sep 1897, and Maude

Myers marrying F. D. Shelton on 17 Dec 1911.


The 1900 Census shows Sophia's son, Jacob Hagelgans, his wife Katie and two year old

daughter, Christine, living with Sophia and Ephriam Myers in Seguin. Ten years later,

in the 1910 Census, the situation had reversed and Sophia was living with Jacob and

Katie and their children, still in Seguin. She was listed as a widow, age 76, having

had six children with three living, and was a naturalized citizen. A few months later,

on September 4, 1910, Sophia died.


Obituary of Mrs. Sophie Meyer


Mrs. Sophie Meyer, aged 77

years, died Sunday morning at

the home of her son, Jake Hagel-

ganz of this city. Mrs. Meyer

was a native of Germany, her

maiden name  being  Sophie

Troell. After the death of her

first husband Mr. Hagelganz,

she was married to Mr. Meyer

who died some time ago. She

came to America in 1885.


She leaves two sons Jacob and

Peter Hagelganz of this city and

one daughter Mrs. Joe Schoel-

zel of Kingsbury and one broth-

er, H. Troell of Seguin. The

remains were shipped on the

Monday noon train to Kings-

bury where burial took place.


From Seguin Newspaper, Sep 1910


SON HAGELGANS - 1862-1862


Wilhelm and Sophia Troell Hagelgans' first child was a son who was neither named nor

baptized He was born May 19, 1862. and died two days later, on May 21, in





Conrad Friedrich Hagelgans, second son of Wilhelm and Sophia Troell Hagelgans. was

born July 25, 1863, but died eight months later, on April 10, 1864. in Wichmannshausen.




Anne Catharina Gertrude Hagelgans, daughter of Wilhelm and Sophia Troell Hagelgans,

was born February 15, 1865 in Wichmannshausen, Germany. When she was twenty she

immigrated to the United States from the port of Bremen, Germany on the ship Hermann.

She arrived at the Port of Baltimore, Maryland on June 24, 1885. Her mother and

brothers came a few months earlier on different ships. They all settled in Seguin,

Texas, near their Uncle Henry's and Uncle Conrad's families. Her daughter, Anna, told

of how her mother had to leave a boyfriend in Germany when she immigrated, and how

much she missed him for awhile. But then she met Joseph SCHOELZEL, and on October 2,

1887 in Seguin, they were married. She had been in America almost two and a half

years. Joseph was born in Germany August 22, 1856, as recorded on his death

certificate by his son, Arthur. A paper found inside Annie's Bible gave his birthplace

as Breslau, Schlesien, Preussen, Germany.


Annie and Joseph settled on a farm in Kingsbury, Texas, near Seguin, and they farmed

the land. Joseph became well known for his large, delicious watermelons. He was very

meticulous and knew exactly how many watermelons he had growing. His daughter

remembered the time he discovered a watermelon missing and hid near his watermelon

patch to try to catch the culprit if he returned. The waiting paid off when he saw a

neighbor jump the fence. The neighbor's explanation was that his girlfriend wanted one

and he had taken it for her!


Joseph and Annie became the parents of nine children. Two children died before the

1900 Census as in that census, Annie stated she was the mother of seven children with

five living.




Jacob Hagelgans was born February 8, 1867 in Wichmannshausen, Germany, the fourth

child of Wilhelm and Sophia Troell Hagelgans. At the age of seventeen he came alone

on the ship Nuenberg departing from Breman, Germany and arriving at the Port of

Baltimore, Maryland on October 15, 1884. He traveled down to Seguin, Texas, where

his Uncle Henry Troell had settled. Early in 1885 his mother and younger brother

came, and his sister arrived that summer. Ten years later, on Oct 19, 1894, Jacob

applied for Naturalization in Bexar County.  


On June 12, 1900 Jake married KATIE REITZER in Seguin. She was born June 8, 1878 in

Texas. In the 1880 Census, there is a Reitzer family living in Maverick County, Texas,

with parents Ambrose and Ottilia Reitzer, and eight children ranging from twelve year

old Charley to one year old Cathrina, who would turn two in June of that year. Baby

Cathrina's birthdate fits Jacob's wife, Katie's. The two oldest children in this

Reitzer family were Charley and Lucy. And Jacob and Katie gave these names tO tWO Of

their children. In that 1880 Census, Ambrose Reitzer was 47, a farmer and justice,

born at "Alsace": his wife Ottilia was 2S. Their children were: Charley, 12: Lucy, 11:

Hellen, 9: Shela, 8: Dommick, 7: Xavier, 6: Ottilia. 3: and Cathrina, 1.


In the 1900 Federal Census, Jacob and Katie and two year old, Christine, were living

with his mother, Sophia and her husband, Ephriam Myers, in Seguin. In the 1910 Census,

Katie and Jacob, who went by "Jake", had five children: Sophie, Ofelia, Lucy, Thekla,

and Joe. Christine died January 12. 1905, at the age of six. Jake's seventy-six year

old mother, Sophia Troell Hagelgans Myers, was living with them. but died a few months

later. Jake was recorded as a house painter. In the 1920 Census, he was farming. Eight

children were then living at home. Jake died August 26, 1932 in Guadalupe County.

Katie ("Katherine" on her tombstone), died February 28, 1953, and they were buried in

the Kingsbury Cemetery. Their children were


JACOB SONNY HAGELGANS - born Mar 13, 1893; died Dec 1, 1894 - (Possibly Jacob's son

from a previous marriage)


CHRISTINE HAGELGANS - born Nov 25, 1898; died Jan 12, 1905 - (Possibly Jacob's

daughter from a previous marriage)




OFELIA HAGELGANS - 1903 - Married Terry MUNK


LUCY HAGELGANS - 1905 - Married Jessie Lee CASEY


THEKLA ANNA HAGELGANS - born Dec 19, 1907; Bap. in Emanuel's Lutheran Ch. Apr 3,

1910. Married -


JOSEPH AUGUST (JOE) HAGELGANS - born Sep 30, 1909- Bap. in Emanuel's Lutheran Ch.

Apr 3, 1910. Was a veteran of three and a half years of service in WWII, serving

nineteen months in Italy and British West Indies with the 15th Air Force.

He received Good Conduct Medal, European Theater Ribbon, & seven Battle Stars.

(From undated newspaper clipping in Anne Catharina Hagelgans Schoelzel's Bible.

Joe was her nephew.) He married Mrs. Josie Lorenz, 28 Dec 1945 in Guadalupe Co. TX.

1952 Seguin Phone Book listed Joe & Josie Hagelgans, with Joe as Employed RAFB.


LOLA JANE HAGELGANS - born 3 June 1911 in Seguin Texas, Married -- Died in 1955.


EDWARD DANIEL (EDDIE) HAGELGANS - born Oct 11, 1913; Married - Died Jan 17, 1967.


CHARLES (CHARLIE) HAGELGANS - born Dec 3, 1915; - Married Anita Mildred SCHWERDTFEGER,

23 Jun 1935 in Guadalupe Co. TX.


GEORGE HAGELGANS - born Sep 9, 1919.


Son HAGELGANS - born after 1920; Married -




Peter Hagelgans was born October 29, 1872 in Wichmannshausen, Germany, the fifth child

of Wilhelm and Sophia Troell Hagelgans. He immigrated in 1885, at the age of twelve

and a half, to Seguin, Texas. On December 25, 1894, he married ROSALIA LEITNER in

Seguin. She was born August 29, 1874 in Austria, immigrating to Texas in 1886. Peter

was a carpenter. He died January 22, 1929, and Rosalia on April 6, 1939, both in San

Antonio, Bexar County. According to her death certificate, Rosalia had been living

for nineteen years at 101 Alder Street, San Antonio. Her daughter, Mrs. Antoinete

Wheat, also listed this address as hers. Peter and Rosalia were buried in the

Riverside Cemetery in Seguin, Texas.          Rosalia and Peter had ten children:


Baby HAGELGANS - born and died 1895






Married Dora (1897-1971); Baby Dena R. Hagelgans - born and died in 1925. John, Dora

and Dena are buried in San Marcos Cemetery, Hays County, Texas.


FRANZ JOSEF HAGELGANS - born Sep 18, 1901; Bap. in Emanuel's Lutheran Ch. Oct 2, 1902.


GISELA Lina HAGELGANS - born Dec 22, 1903; Bap. in Emanuel's Lutheran Ch. Jan 20, 1904;

            Married John J. LEMASKY on October 4, 1920; She became a great musician.


OTTO JOSEF HAGELGANS - born March 29, 1906; died in 1983; Emanuel's Lutheran

            Ch. May 12, 1907; Married Mary WELGE (1907-1971). Otto and Mary are buried in

            San Marcos Cemetery, Hays Co. Texas.


ANNIE HAGELGANS - 1908 - Married Fred WELGE


ANTOINETTE LILY MARY HAGELGANS - born March 12, 1910; Bap. in Emanuel's Lutheran Ch.

            Mar.31, 1911; Married Mr. Wheat.


ALFRED Georg HAGELGANS - born October 28, 1912; Bap. in Emanuel's Lutheran Ch. Dec 29,

            1913; Died July 13, 1940.


ELISABETH "Ella Eugenie" HAGELGANS - born November 3, 1914; Bap. in Emanuel's Lutheran

            Ch. Oct 22, 1915-


Information obtained from Census Records, Emanuel Lutheran Church Records (obtained by

Joan Lorenz Waldbusser), Marriage Records, Cemetery Records, Salt Lake Family History

Library Records.




The following marriages were found in the INDEX to BEXAR COUNTY MARRIAGE RECORDS.

Only the marriages performed before 1926 had the licenses copied on film. The dates

are not included in the index. All of the marriages listed below would have been

performed after 1925, as none of their licenses were found, with the exception of

Gisela L. Hagelgans & John J. Lemasky; whose license was found on film with the date

of October 4, 1920.


License #        GROOMS/HAGELGANS                      Volume     Page



88774          Otto Hagelgans & Mary Welge               46         469  


80363          Frank Hagelgans & Myrtle Loeschman        40         103


117707         Ed Hagelgans & Ruby Rhodes                69         207 


132650         George Hagelgans & Dessie Marie Sissons   77         186


146549         E. D. Hagelgans & Vivian G. Payne         83         619


151053         Edward Hagelgans & Bernice Leitner        86          20


162354         Edward Hagelgans & Ruth Lillian Millican  91         287


182339         George Hagelgans & Opal Farris Allison   100         609


193072         Otto J. Hagelgans Jr. & Hazel F. Geissler106          27


195126         J. C. Hagelgans & Betty Louise Crum      107          11


195957         Frank Allan Hagelgans &. Florence Ann Crum 107       366


250791         Lawrence Jerome Hagelgans & Virginia Keyes 133       366


255935         Frank Allan Hagelgans & Margaret Ann High  135       681


258885         Alvin Reese Hagelgans & Betty Lou Cullum   137       264







58077          Gisela L. Hagelgans & John J. Lemasky       22        452

                   (Gisela was a great musician)


77878          Annie Hagelgans & Fred Welge                38        140


119814         Ruby Hagelgans & Paul Carmichael            70        621


135925         Roena Hagelgans & Willie Eugene Barnett     78        578


181304         Katie Hagelgans & William Bothe            100        304






Anna HAGELGANS and Jos SCHOELZEL        1 269  Oct 2, 1888


Jacob HAGELGANS and Katie REITZER       3 424  Jun 12, 1900


Peter HAGELGANS and Rosalia LEITNER     2 205  Dec 25, 1894


Charlie HAGELGANS & Anita Schwerdtfeger12 455  Jun 22, 1935


Joe A. HAGELGANS and Mrs. Josie LORENZ 16 534  Dec 28, 1945





Tombstone Inscriptions:


John W. HAGELGANS "Father" - 1897-1945


Dora HAGELGANS "Mother " - 1897-1971


Dena R. HAGELGANS - 1925-1925


Otto J. HAGELGANS "Father" - 1905-1983


Mary M. HAGELGANS "Mother"- 1907-1971






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