Henry Hagelganz, * 15.April 1880 in Kutter

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1913 - 1927 

Obituary for Reverend Henry Hagelganz

January 20, 1949 

“The memory of the just is blessed.” Proverbs 10:7. 

A true servant has been called to his eternal reward, but his memory will linger in the mind, of his wife, his family, the members of the Second Congregational Church at Portland, Ore., and his then thousands of friends.  In the lives of these to whom he was a father in the flesh and in all to whom he was a father in the spirit, our beloved brother, the Reverend Henry Hagelganz will live on for many years to come.  May his work be even more fruitful in his death than it has been in his many years of service for his Lord and Master, Jesus Christ. 

Rev. Hagelganz was born April 15, 1880, of German parentage in Kutter colony, a community near Stalingrad in Russia.  He was born into a Christian family, who dedicated their son to God in holy baptism in his infancy.  In his later years, after receiving instruction in the cardinal truths of the Bible and church doctrine, he was confirmed and admitted to church membership.  It was also the good fortune of our deceased brother to acquire a good education in the country of his birth, of which he made the best of use after he came to America.  At the age of 19 he consecrated his life to his Master, whom he served faithfully unto the last day of his fruitful life. 

In 1906, Rev. Hagelganz came to America and made his home at Portland Ore.  Soon after his arrival he joined the membership of what is now the Congregational Evangelical Brethren Church ‑ it was then the Free Evangelical Brethren Church.  The good Lord used him as worker among the young people. He organized the young people’s Christian Endeavor Society of the church and was active in the church choirs.  His gift of preaching Christ and Him crucified was readily discovered andthe church elected him assistant elder.   All this time he felt God's call to become His servant.  He answered the high calling by saying:  “Here I am – send me!”  He was ordained on July 7, 1911 to become a minister of the Gospel.  His first charge was the little Bethany Church at Cedar Mills, Ore.  While he was serving Bethany he organized the Second Congregational Church at Eighth and Skidmore in Portland.  For several years he served both churches but moved to Portland in 1915.  Except for two years, when he was pastor of the church at Fort Collins Colo., he served his beloved church continuously until his departure. 

His faithfulness made him a part of his church, and every member had become a part of him.  The intimacy between the pastor and the members, especially with those he had baptized, confirmed, united in marriage, lead to the Lord, and taught in the way of God, had become beyond comparison.  His friendliness and his sound humor had made him a friend of everyone who knew him.  His words of encouragement and comfort were a "balm to the weary" wherever he met an unfortunate brother or sister.  He was one of the few persons who could find joy in God's great outdoors as well as in the holy sanctuary of his church.  When asked if he had any hobby, he sternly answered:  “Yes, to win souls for Christ.”  He took great interest in either conducting revival meetings or in participating in them and was well qualified in both singing and speaking.  At the time of his departure he was moderator of the Pacific Conference of German Congregational Churches and had served on committees of the General Conference of German Congregational Churches. 

Rev. Hagelganz had often indicated that he did not wish ever to be a burden to anyone because of age or physical frailty.  God answered his prayer and left him in active service up to the last Sunday before He took His servant to the place where “he rests from his labors and his works do follow after him.” [2]   

Reverend Hagelganz was vault interred at Rose City Cemetery.  Reverend D.K. Schmidt officiated the memorial services assisted by the Reverends:  Carl Brost, T.C. Stobel, William Koenig, Jonathan Webber, and J.C. Schwabenland. [3]